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Designed for field or bench shooting,Plano's Broadhead Molded Archery accessory box fits both expandable or fixed blade broadheads. It features a removable lift out tray for other small accessories and a high-density foam insert to house broadheads for hunting.

Life can box you in. Work. Household chores. Every after-school activity ever. Ironically, the best way to break free is with a box. And not just any box, but a PLANO. We've been helping anglers, hunters, and outdoor-loving families bust out of their routines for over 70 years. From tackle boxes to storage trunks to coolers - all as smartly designed as they are rugged. So you can keep all your gear neatly stowed and ready to throw in the truck whenever adventure calls. Because being prepared means you can say “Hell, yeah” to that last minute camping trip. Hit the road while the bite is hot. And be ready to make your getaway every chance you get.


  • PLANO BROADHEAD AND ARCHERY ACCESSORIES CASE: Help ensure the perfect shot from the moment you carry your equipment to the range or field. This case protects valuable fixed-blade and mechanical expanding broadheads alike.
  • HIGH-DENSITY FOAM INSERT safely and securely holds up to 8 broadheads of various shapes and sizes in precut holes, preventing movement and damage during transport. The insert is removable if desired.
  • REMOVABLE TRAY WITH COMPARTMENTALIZED STORAGE stores nocks, fletchings, field points, and wax. Lift it out to access your broadheads.
  • CONVENIENTLY COMPACT SIZE is ideal for field or bench shooting.
  • DURABLE LATCH CLOSURE easily opens and closes securely. A convenient hinged carry handle helps keep broadheads protected during transport and ready to hit targets cleanly and accurately.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions: 6.75"L x 5.13"W x 5"H. Green-gray.
  • PLANO has been helping anglers, hunters, and outdoor-loving families bust out of their routines for over 70 years.
  • BE PLANO READY. Enjoy your pursuit to the fullest.

Archery Accessory Box Specs

Model Number Color Sku
131100 O.D. Green PMC131100
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