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Bow-Max® Crossbow Bolt Case


Our compact, low-profile BowMax Crossbow Bolt Case is designed to securely hold six bolts up to 23.75" long with broadheads attached, and features durable latch closures plus internal storage for small accessories.

It can even attach to your bow case for convenient transportation on the range or in the field. Life can box you in. Work. Household chores. Every after-school activity ever. Ironically, the best way to break free is with a box. And not just any box, but a PLANO. We’ve been helping anglers, hunters, and outdoor-loving families bust out of their routines for over 70 years. From tackle boxes to storage trunks to coolers - all as smartly designed as they are rugged. So you can keep all your gear neatly stowed and ready to throw in the truck whenever adventure calls. Because being prepared means you can say “Hell, yeah” to that last minute camping trip. Hit the road while the bite is hot. And be ready to make your getaway every chance you get

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Features of the Bow-Max® Crossbow Bolt Case

  • PLANO BOW MAX CROSSBOW BOLT HARD ARROW CASE: When your crossbow bolts are protected, they're sure to fly straight and true. Help ensure the perfect shot from the moment you carry your equipment to the range or field.
  • INTELLIGENT AND SLEEK: Securely holds six crossbow bolts up to 23.75 inches long, with added internal storage for small accessories like pins, fletchings, and more.
  • HEAVY-DUTY MATERIAL resists crushing, scratches, and other damage to protect valuable bolts. Bolts attach to the case at two points to help keep them straight in a variety of conditions and during storage.
  • DURABLE “H" LATCH CLOSURES easily open and close securely. The unique three-hinged case design provides a refined look and feel, while allowing for partial opening and closure for quick access to contents.
  • INTEGRAL SLOTS FOR LASHING STRAPS make the Bow Max Crossbow Bolt Carry Case easy to carry hands-free or attached to a soft or hard bow case, or secured to a backpack.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions: 27.2"L x 1.9"W x 6.6"H. Black.
  • PLANO has been helping anglers, hunters, and outdoor-loving families bust out of their routines for over 70 years.
  • BE PLANO READY. Enjoy your pursuit to the fullest.

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