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ProLatch® Spinnerbait Organizer


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If you love to fish spinnerbaits, you're in good company. They remain one of the most reliable and versatile ways to bring fish to the boat, year after year. And because you can never have too many options, our ProLatch® Spinnerbait Organizer holds 22 spinnerbaits in a secure container that fits inside the bulk storage area of many larger Plano® boxes. Features a secure ProLatch® closure and a transparent design for easy identification of contents.


  • Holds 22 spinnerbaits
  • Fits inside bulk storage area of many larger Plano® boxes
  • Secure ProLatch® closure
  • Transparent for quick and easy identification of contents
  • Dimensions: 7.5”L x 5.88”W x 4.88”H
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