Rustrictor All Weather 2 52" Gun Case


What makes the Rustrictor Series AW2 gun cases special? Rustrictor Technology protects your firearms against rust and corrosion while in storage. They’re impenetrable from the outside, with dual-stage lockable latches and a Dri-Loc seal that create a watertight, dust-proof shield.

Plus, this AW2 Double Rifle case is travel-friendly, with a pressure release valve to equalize pressure through temperature or altitude changes and wheels to make transportation easy.ife can box you in. Work. Household chores. Every after-school activity ever. Ironically, the best way to break free is with a box. And not just any box, but a PLANO. We’ve been helping anglers, hunters, and outdoor-loving families bust out of their routines for over 70 years. From tackle boxes to storage trunks to coolers – all as smartly designed as they are rugged. So you can keep all your gear neatly stowed and ready to throw in the truck whenever adventure calls.  Because being prepared means you can say “Hell, yeah” to that last minute camping trip. Hit the road while the bite is hot. And be ready to make your getaway every chance you get

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$229.99 Each

SKU: PLA11852R Model Number: PLA11852R


  • PLANO RUSTRICTOR ALL WEATHER 2 WHEELED RIFLE CASE: Constructed with rugged, industrial strength to provide durable reliability and protection during travel or standalone storage. Features a watertight, dust proof Dri-Loc seal.
  • EQUIPPED WITH RUSTRICTOR TECHNOLOGY to protect firearms against rust and corrosion caused by moisture or humidity. A VCI-infused resin and foam emitter blocks rust and corrosion 5x longer than competing products (per accelerated lab testing).
  • TSA APPROVED FIREARM TRAVEL CASE: Features airline approved dual-stage lockable latches to ensure security. Equipped with a pressure release valve to equalize pressure caused by altitude or temperature changes and wheels for easy transport.
  • PLUCK-TO-FIT FOAM FOR EASY CUSTOMIZATION. Interior shell features pre-perforated pluck foam padding, so you can customize the case to the shape of your rifle, handgun or gun accessories to prevent movement and offer optimal protection.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS:  The largest case in the Rustrictor AW2 series. Measurements: 51" L x 14" W x 7" H. Color: Gray with Red Dual-Stage Latches. Wheeled. Multiple Firearm Capacity for Rifle, Shotgun, AR. Made in the USA.
  • 360 DEGREE DAMAGE PROTECTION: With a hard plastic exterior, Dri-Loc seal and customizable interior foam padding, this hard shell gun case minimizes damage that may occur from direct impact, water and dust while in transit or storage.
  • PLANO has been helping anglers, hunters, and outdoor-loving families bust out of their routines for over 70 years.
  • BE PLANO READY. Enjoy your pursuit to the fullest.

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